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The egocentric bit

To be blunt, we don’t like talking about ourselves. Why? Because we don’t find ourselves that interesting. But we love bees, we find them very interesting, we love pure honey and we care for the environment. We hope you do too. We are just local beekeepers selling honey, raw honey from beekeepers. The bees are the very hard workers in our business, they are the stars of the show with a supporting cast of millions and millions of wildflowers that others have overseen, we just work long hours tending to the bees needs throughout the year. We are quite happy being the backstage crew.

We love the raw Welsh Honey that the bees produce, only a small excess each year so we want to share the best with you with raw Welsh Honey from all parts of Wales at absolutely no cost to the environment. That’s it. Boring really. But if you want to know more about us, some more bits below, or if you’d like to see what makes us tick, look at this.

Meet Rhodri the head beekeeper
Meet Rhodri

Rhodri is our head beekeeper and knows a lot about bees and pure authentic honey. Probably too much to call it a healthy obsession. But a fascination which turned into beekeeping in 2008 then became the typical beekeeper’s dilemma. What to do with increasing stock, and with Richard’s help Fferm Cilgwenyn Bee Farm was born. It was never and still is not about money, but a steadfast belief in helping the environment and providing the public with honest and unadulterated high quality raw Welsh Honey, raw honey from beekeepers. A proper tasty honey that has not travelled thousands of miles, something difficult to find on a supermarket shelf. Something he quietly agrees is a little proud of.

Rhodri is a self-confessed introvert. A typical scientist. Which is fortunate as Dr Rhodri is also a scientist where he has designed and built very complex machinery at a nearby University Medical School, machinery for laboratories that measures the mass of stuff like single atoms (yes, a single atom!) If there is something absolutely tiny to measure in analytical chemistry or biochemistry, he is the man to ask. Some of his machines can detect a single molecule within 1,000,000,000 (trillion) other molecules. That’s the same as detecting a single pint that’s been poured into the North Sea. He just loves a complex challenge to do with small little things (bees included). But not the sort of man to know a lot about fashion and clashing colours sadly. Well, not everyone knows about everything.

Meet Richard

Richard is also an introvert. But you wouldn’t think it the way he just talks…and talks…and talks. Thankfully one of the few professions that can put up with that is beekeeping as the bees don’t care. He was first fascinated by bees at the age of eight having tasted real honey for the first time at a local show and seeing the little creatures that produced it, so after uni and working abroad he came back home where for the first time decided to stay for a bit and purchased 4 beehives. Of course, this did not make everyone happy, let alone the funder - his mother. A large Christmas gift of a couple of hundred pounds did not go down well when Richard said he would buy some beehives. Well, the exact phrase was ‘no your bloody not…’ and an inevitable argument ensued. He quickly summed up his mother was not holding an AK47 at his face so would take the risk. His motivation was not to annoy his mother, but there was that little joy in it.

Having worked away and seen how desperate the world was heading environmentally and that self sustainability was a key solution as long as it doesn’t cost the earth, he thought beekeeping was one ethical way to reverse an ecological decline and an impending climate emergency. It was his way to help, in tiny little bits. So after 2004 the colonies grew, and grew until space became an issue.

A lover of honey, and a lover of bees (as nobody else would put up with the incessant verbal diarrhoea) Richard hopes to help Rhodri grow the business in time so that more consumers can taste proper raw Welsh Honey that they can trust.

Meet Richard a beekeeper

Centralised around our Bee Farm in Llangennech, Carmarthenshire, we are local beekeepers selling honey from different parts of Wales. Our Welsh raw honey from beekeepers range has different flavours as the bees collect nectar from sources close to where the beehives are located. Pure honey from different apiaries enables us to produce Gower Honey from the saltmarshes, Cardigan Bay Honey from the coast, Brecon Beacons Honey from its uplands, Cambrian Mountains Heather from its moorland geography and of course a Carmarthenshire Honey from its wild meadows and hedgerows.

All of the nectar is collected from wildflowers and comes from a variety of flowers with bees kept with organic and natural beekeeping methods. Our heather honey comes predominantly from ling and bell heather and is all naturally wild. We pride ourselves on producing raw honey from beekeepers which is ethical with the welfare of the bees the highest priority. All of our raw Welsh honey is completely sustainable and 100% Carbon Neutral giving you, our customers peace of mind in that this natural plant based food does not affect our environment except in a positive way, all supplied in a recycled and recyclable packaging, from the jars to the labels. We are a leading Welsh ethical honey brands and are happy local beekeepers selling honey.

The variety of flowers the nectar is collected from by the bees is very diverse giving each jar its slightly unique taste. The nectar, across the range comes from sources of flowers and trees including clover, sea lavender, willowherb, damson, blackberry, bluebells, sea holly, ling and bell heather, dandelion, blackthorn, summer meadowsweet, sycamore, orchids, thistle, crab apple, gentians, hawthorn, sorrel and knapweed. With each visit our bees help collectively to pollinate vast areas of our landscape, ensuring biodiversity continues with a variation of plants helping the next generation to succeed and all of course helping to lock in carbon that will help to mitigate climate change.

We think our honey tastes great, and many awards judges would agree too. We hope that you do too. We hope that this raw honey, healthy honey free from many pesticides (possibly one of the healthiest honey to buy) can easily compete as being one of the very best honey in the world as a small Welsh honey company! A pure raw honey from beekeepers that is simple and unadulterated offering you the very best honey that Wales has on offer, offering a true taste of Wales!

Meet Gerard & Paula