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Our Ethos & Values

For good or bad we are human. Not everyone is the same and we recognise that. But we stick to our principles, in life and in business. Its who we are, it is at our very core. Its what we feel is right and not some corporate exercise. We could write a long list, but we will try and keep it succinct, so we recognise and follow these simple humane steps:

03. We are carbon neutral, aim to be completely sustainable, as well as ethical and as organic as we can be and we only use green energy in any extraction and bottling, no heavy oils or gas to heat air or warm water.

09. We do pure honest local raw Welsh honey run from our family farm and are passionate about it, and we want you to be too.

06. Our bees are treated the same as our customers, and anybody else we meet, with respect, dignity and care.

08. We are first and foremost Bee Farmers that look after real bees and beehives in Wales, and are proud of it.

01. We are a team, we are a colony, we work best together.

07. We are ethical, we have integrity and we don’t just believe in science we do science. It takes an active part in every part of our process and helps us lead the way.

02. We do not and will not dictate to our suppliers nor other beekeepers and producers and are proud of our cooperation.

05.We do not think of ourselves as ‘experts’. We are just good at what we do and know a little bit about bees and honey but we can, and do, always learn from others.

04. We will not source or use products from business’ that have a complete disregard for the environment where the simplest measure could take place over cost.

10. Money is not our motivation, nor a sociopathic need for fame, nor to be the biggest name out there, we just want to help provide you with small batches of special and tasty honey while we look after bees.

We take these steps, but you don’t have to, its just what we do.

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