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Centralised around our Bee Farm in Llangennech, Carmarthenshire, we produce raw local honey from different parts of Wales. Our raw honey range has different flavours as the bees collect nectar from sources close to where the beehives are located. Pure honey from different apiaries enables us to produce Gower Honey from the saltmarshes, Ceredigion Honey from the coast, Brecon Beacons Honey from its uplands, Cambrian Mountains Heather from its moorland geography and of course a Carmarthenshire Honey from its wild meadows and hedgerows.

All of the nectar is collected from wildflowers by the bees and comes from a variety of flowers. Our heather honey comes predominantly from ling and bell heather and is all naturally wild. We pride ourselves on producing raw ethical honey with the welfare of the bees the highest priority. All of our Welsh honey is completely sustainable and 100% Carbon Neutral giving you, our customers peace of mind in that this natural plant based food does not affect our environment except in a positive way, all supplied in a recycled and recyclable packaging, from the jars to the labels.

The variety of flowers the nectar is collected from by the bees is very diverse giving each jar its slightly unique taste. The nectar, across the range comes from sources of flowers and trees including clover, sea lavender, willowherb, damson, blackberry, bluebells, sea holly, ling and bell heather, dandelion, blackthorn, summer meadowsweet, sycamore, orchids, thistle, crab apple, gentians, hawthorn, sorrel and knapweed. With each visit our bees help collectively to pollinate vast areas of our landscape, ensuring biodiversity continues with a variation of plants helping the next generation to succeed and all of course helping to lock in carbon that will help to mitigate climate change.

We think our honey tastes great, and many awards judges would agree too. We hope that you do too. We hope that this raw honey, healthy honey free from many pesticides can easily compete as being one of the very best honey in the world! A pure honey that is simple and unadulterated offering you the very best honey that Wales has on offer, offering a true taste of Wales!