And the Great Taste Stars are now piling up!

And the Great Taste Stars are now piling up!

20 September 2023

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We are delighted to announce yet again that this year we won some Great Taste Awards stars on our Carmarthenshire Meadow Wildflower Honey, and for the first time for our Cardigan Bay Coastal Wildflower Honey also won! They were both put in front of the Great Taste Award judges again earlier this year with the results announced last month!

The Awards, based purely on merit of flavour is simple – no marketing, not knowing any names or brands, just a small cup with our honey for the many judges who need to agree on the award.

The awards come in three ratings, 1*, 2* and 3*. Very very few foods get the 3*, and no one in Wales has won that for their Welsh honey ever.

A small select few receive 2* (which we have!) where it must come under the confines of “above and beyond delicious” with fewer than 10% of entries receiving this across all product ranges. Out of 10 2* winners across the UK in 2021 for honey we were the only ones that had 2* for Welsh honey, and we had 2 of them for our Brecon Beacons Uplands Wildflower and Gower Saltmarsh Wildflower honey.

The 1* is described as “a food that delivers fantastic flavour” with fewer than 25% of entries achieving this.

So, overall, that means a lot of entries do not get anything at all! That is why we are very pleased that our Carmarthenshire Meadow Wildflower Honey had won a 1* this year.

The judges said:

“This honey has a pleasing colour and floral aroma. The judges enjoyed the chewy texture and found it to be alive with floral flavour. It's a sound honey.”

“Initial floral notes which brought highlights to a generally honest, good flavour with some complexity.”

Carmarthenshire Meadow Wildflower Honey won a 1* too, with judges commenting that:

“Pale gold with light viscosity and a rather glorious summer meadow aroma. The flavour delivery is immediate and even, with delicate nuance and sweetness lifted by citrus notes. Not greatly complex, nor over-long on the finish, but perfectly pleasant, with a gentle summery tone and grassy linger.”

“Golden honey with a delicate hedgerow aroma and good viscosity. Smooth texture releases sweet earthy flavours that are very enjoyable - would be excellent with hot buttery toast or yoghurt.”

With our Great Taste 2* Gower Saltmarsh Wildflower honey and Great Taste 2* Brecon Beacons Uplands Wildflower and 1* Cambrian Mountains Heather Honey we have amassed some 13 Great Taste Stars. Its good to know that the bees are keeping the standard very high, and the clean Welsh landscape procures such fantastic flavours.

And the Great Taste Stars are now piling up!