Another Great Taste Award to add to the list!

1 August 2022

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We are delighted to announce that this year we put our Carmarthenshire Meadow Wildflower Honey in front of the Great Taste Award judges again earlier this year…and we won a 1* with the results announced this week!

The Awards, based purely on merit of flavour is simple – no marketing, not knowing any names or brands, just a small cup with our honey for the many judges who need to agree on the award.

The awards come in three ratings, 1*, 2* and 3*. Very very few foods get the 3*, and no one in Wales has won that for their Welsh honey ever.

A small select few receive 2* (which we have!) where it must come under the confines of “above and beyond delicious” with fewer than 10% of entries receiving this across all product ranges. Out of 10 2* winners across the UK last year for honey we were the only ones that had 2* for Welsh honey, and we had 2 of them for our Brecon Beacons Uplands Wildflower and Gower Saltmarsh Wildflower honey.

The 1* is described as “a food that delivers fantastic flavour” with fewer than 25% of entries achieving this.

So, overall, that means a lot of entries do not get anything at all! That is why we are very pleased that our Carmarthenshire Meadow Wildflower Honey had won a 1* this year.

Another Great Taste Award to add to the list!