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Great Taste Winners

25 September 2021

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Probably the best honey in Wales!

We were gobsmacked and overjoyed this week as three of our raw Welsh honey were awarded a Great Taste Award from the Guild of Fine Food. The most hotly contested fine food awards recognise food purely on its own merit…it’s taste. Seen across the world as the Oscars of fine food we have done very well!

Our Brecon Beacons Uplands Wildflower Honey was awarded a 2* and our Gower Saltmarsh Wildflower Honey also picked up a 2*. We also picked up a 1* for our Cambrian Mountains Heather Honey which is only available online. All the judging takes place in separate containers taken away from the jars with no names or hints given to their producers, so it is a true blind tasting event.

Competition for these awards is stiff, with 14,113 entries from 108 countries. There were only 10 winning entries for the 2* for UK produced honey, of which we had 2. And of the 1* winners there were 26 winning entries. Whilst a small number of the larger producers in Wales won a 1* award, we topped the list as the only producer gaining the coveted 2* - and not just once but twice!

The judges said of our 2* Brecon Beacons Uplands Wildflower Honey:

“Wonderful golden honey with excellent viscosity and a wonderful rich aroma. This is a delicate but very well balanced honey that is floral and delicious and has distinct goût de terroir.”

“This clean, fresh honey has a delightful nose that translates into a full and complex floral flavour. Long, lingering and refreshing!”

“This is a very lovely, gentle and softly wonderful honey. Its warm floral, delicate notes are mellow, full of summer days and sunshine. This is an outstanding honey.”

“A lovely clean pale gold honey with a distinct aroma of wild meadows. This a delicate, light, easy to eat honey that will be delicious on toasted bread.”

Of our 2* Gower Saltmarsh Wildflower Honey the judges said:

“This pale gold, clear, runny honey has a lovely floral nose. On tasting as it is much more complex and full of flavour than we expected from its texture and colour. There is loads of fragrance, some citrussy sharpness, a delicate sweetness and then a hint of salt on the finish. This is an exciting honey which we enjoyed enormously.”

“A light coloured and lightly textured honey which is absolutely packed with flavour. Herbal notes on the nose become full-on floral, exploding on the palate. When you think it might be over, you get a sublime finish of saline minerality. Wonderful.”

“This golden runny honey has a classic 'honey' nose, but it delivers much more on the flavour, with a slightly mineral saltiness at the start of the flavour journey. This is followed by pleasingly heady and complex floral notes and a balanced sweetness that is satisfying without being overpowering.”

“Beautifully clear and lightly caramel coloured. A loose and fresh honey with a delicate yet characterful flavour. You get to go on a real journey- citrus, then floral, then herbal - all very gently delivered and clean on the palate.”

And of our Cambrian Mountains Heather Honey the judges said:

“This dense, viscous, pollen-rich honey, shows signs of incipient crystallisation. There is a hint of complexity on the aroma, considerably more on the palate. We loved the touch of bitterness as of acidity, giving levels of flavour and lifting the intense sweetness. A characterful and enjoyable honey, with a pleasing persistence on the finish.”

“This honey has a sticky toffee-like texture, with a smooth and soft consistency that rolls around the mouth pleasingly. The heather lies quite far back, but does give that slightly bitter note against the sweetness, which is lovely and very warming.”

We think it really establishes our produce as one of the best available in Wales, all independently judged by blind tasting by proper foodies. We just hope you enjoy them too!

Great Taste Winners