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Gift Pack

22 June 2021

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Just as the bees traverse the rugged, wild green green clean land that is Wales, collecting nectar and pollinating millions of flowers as they do so, let our honey range take you on a culinary tour of the proud nation with a special insatiable pure raw Welsh Honey conscience free as its 100% Carbon Neutral, all natural, straight out of the beehive just as nature intended. Explore the meadow countryside, explore the coastline and the mountains and taste farm fresh food direct from a local award-winning producer.

Let those memories of the countryside, its villages, its people, its flowers and terrain take you back.

Let your taste buds taste the flowers as the honey nectar comes directly from them courtesy of our wonderful friends, the bees. No adulteration, no plain tasteless sugar substitutes to make it cheap. It’s the real thing. All skilfully managed only using organic principles by respected and knowledgeable artisans. A treat for you, satisfaction for your family, and an indulgence for your friends.


Gift Pack