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Self Heal

Prunella vulgaris

Best Time to See: June, July, August, September

Habitat: Grassland

Colour: Violet

Selfheal is a low-growing, creeping plant that likes the short turf of grasslands, roadside verges or even lawns. Its clusters of violet flowers appear in summer.

Selfheal can be seen creeping through the short turf of a grassland or the uncut grass of a woodland clearing or roadside verge; it can even pop up in lawns that haven't been treated with chemicals. Its clusters of violet flowers appear from June to October and provide a nectar source for bees and wasps.


Selfheal is a low-growing, perennial herb with paired, oval leaves and bluish or violet flowers that appear in dense, oblong clusters on the top of its stems. Its purple-tinged seed head remains after flowering.

Habitat and distribution

Throughout the UK. Salad Burnet can be found in grassland, farmland and in towns and gardens. Can be found throughout the UK, but particularly widespread in England and Wales.

Did you know?
  • As its common name suggests, self heal has a long tradition of being used in herbal medicine for everything from stopping bleeding and healing wounds, to treating heart disease and sore throats.
  • Ointments can be made by infusing it with oils and fats, while when dried it is used to make a herbal drink.
  • It is also used as an ingredient in some bodybuilding supplements.
Conservation status

Common throughout Wales and England and some coastal areas of Scotland.