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Ragged Robin

Lychnis flos-cuculi

Best Time to See: May, June

Habitat: Woodland, Grassland

Colour: Deep pink or white

A wild flower with a rakish charm.

Ragged robin's dishevelled beauty enlivens many a damp meadow.


Petals deep pink or white, each divided into four narrow lobes. Leaves are narrow and rough to touch.

Habitat and distribution

Wetter woods and meadows.

Did you know?
  • Ragged-robin is dedicated to St. Barnabas. Why? Hay-making took place around his Feast Day (11th June) and this bright pink flower would been found amongst the hay.
  • In Shakespeare's time it was known as Crowflower and is one of the flowers in Ophelia's "garland".
  • In the the Victorian "Language of Flowers" it symbolises ardour, aversion, and wit.
  • It is particularly attractive to long-tongued bees.
Conservation status

Many counties have recorded a local decline, mainly from habitat loss to agriculture.