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Tufted Vetch

Vicia cracca

Best Time to See: June, July, August

Habitat: Grassland

Colour: Blue, Purple

Scrambling plant with 10-40 blue violet flowers in a one sided cluster. Leaves pinnate with 6-10 pairs of leaflets and branched tendrils at leaf tip.
Habitat and distribution

Common throughout UK apart from the Scottish Highlands. Grassy places, bushes, meadows and hedgerows.

Did you know?
  • Local names include Cat-peas, Cow-vetch and Fingers-and-thumbs (the pods end in a nail or claw).
  • A member of the pea family (legumes), Common Vetch is able to make its own nitrates. This makes it useful as a soil-fertilising plant and is also often used as livestock fodder.