Merry Christmas | Nadolig Llawen

1 December 2020

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I have started a newsletter previously with ‘what a year it has been’, and it cannot be overstated. It has affected everyone no matter where you are in the country. As farmers we carried on and as a business we changed to the times as best as we could.

As many of you know we introduced home deliveries, a postal service and would you believe it an online shop! As farmers its not something we were that interested in, but many of you requested it and will continue to do so for as long as you want it. Our retailers will always be supported as it would be impossible for us to do our jobs without them, there would simply not be enough time to look after the bees. Many of our retailers have continued steadfast confronted with COVID, as well as experiencing reduced footfall. Many of them need our support, and as much as we enjoy our supermarkets, it simply would not be the same without our local pharmacies and independent retailers.

In terms of beekeeping, well it has been a poor year as previously mentioned. The long dry summer (for us here) proved too much for nectar producing plants so much of the nectar was kept for the bees. We do not feed our bees with sugar syrup artificially unless we really have to, so the crop is low this year. For us its not a wonder that many cheaper honeys have high levels of sucrose (table sugar) as well as being adulterated by other sugars. With us, you will always know you are getting the real thing.

So take care folks, have as much fun as we are allowed to this Christmas no matter what religion you may follow. Take a break, relax and lets get ready for 2021 to she what she brings!


Merry Christmas | Nadolig Llawen