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Your own Bespoke Honey

Due to high demand we will not be expanding the service during 2019, but should you be interested for 2020 please get in touch.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your own beehives and have your own honey? We offer a tailored service to take away all the hassle with keeping bees, but retaining the benefits.

You could be a shop where you would like to sell your own honey. You could be a guest house offering your own honey at the breakfast table. You could be a company where you would give honey as a gift to your staff members for excellent service. You could be a restaurant that serves your own honey in your own bespoke dishes. You could even be looking for a unique gift for those attending your wedding to help you celebrate your honeymoon. You could be someone who wants your own honey for your own use, but don’t have the experience or the time to manage your own bees.

For Business

Beekeeping has the potential to increase your footfall, sales and also provide an additional income stream. We are offering our experience and expertise as beekeepers to business', taking away the costs of set up and the time necessary to manage the colonies on your behalf.

The cost associated with managing the colonies on your behalf should be recoverable in sales of the honey produced, or equivalent in cost if used in restaurant dishes or as gifts. Not only should the revenue from sales cover the costs of our fees, but also provide a small return alongside all the other benefits.

Keeping bees at your business will promote biodiversity, help balance the environment and provide an immediate positive environmental impact, especially when compared to the planting of new trees. Bees after all are essential to the health of the eco system. All of this will massively increase the environmental profile of your business when bees are deemed in decline, adding green credentials that will be unique.

You will also have unique honey gathered directly from your location, full of flavour (preserved by our cold filtering technique), which is both a healthy alternative to heavily processed refined sugar and regarded as the best solution for reducing hay fever amongst other ailments. This honey can be sold directly to the public under your own branding or used in the restaurant (should you have one) reducing the food miles and carbon footprint of your dishes as well as being seen as trading ethically whilst emphasizing that you have beehives.

Recent market research has shown that the environmental benefits of keeping bees, honey as a health product, its inherent low carbon footprint, as well as reducing food mileage particularly resonates with ABC1 socio economic groups.

Beekeeping can generate significant interest throughout the year with positive news stories in local, national and social media, enhancing brand recognition and reputation, increasing customers, guests and visitors. There are health benefits associated with good locally sourced honey, such as ‘pinocembrin’ an antioxidant associated with improving brain function. Bees are the only insects that produce food eaten by mankind and is the only food for humans that includes all the substances necessary to sustain life, including enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and water.

Personal Use

If you have always wanted to keep bees, but do not have the time to dedicate to it we offer a service where we can supply all the equipment required and manage your bees for you.

For a small hire fee we will look after your bees and provide all the equipment for you. You will also be welcome to observe what we do, fully suited up so you shouldn’t be stung!

All you need is one square metre per beehive and allow us weekly access. You do not need a large space or garden to keep bees. In return you will receive all the honey from the beehives you have. For more details on this please send a message via the form bellow.

For a full list of how beekeeping can benefit your business please request more information by filling in the contact form.

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